June 13, 2012

Christina Kiesel quits RHOV?

Well there hasn't been any official statements from the Slice Network on who is and isn't coming back for Season 2, because negotiations have just started.  but Christina hasn't really kept it a secret that she doesn't want to come back. 
Christina said that she's done the Housewife thing, played her character and is ready to move on to another thing. Possibly a new Travel show? That's what I'm hearing!

But there could be other reasons that Christina will be leaving the show, she might be in legal trouble for breaking her contract!
Christina was on the amazing Unofficial RHOV Aftershow on YouTube the other day, but once the people at Lark Productions (The people who made the Slice TV show) were not happy! Apparently none of the girls can do interviews, or basically talk about anything to do with the show. So once they found out and contacted Christina letting her know, Christina contacted Kyle, the host of the Aftershow, and he is letting them censor the show. Completely removing her from the show. 

She doesn't think that she said anything that she shouldn't have, but she did talk about her future with the show, talked about an new guy that she's dating, and beat the crap out of the Pinata that looks like Jody, used to crown "Queen B of  The Week".

Hopefully Christina will get this rumored TV show, because I love her and want to see more of her!
RHOV just wont be the same without her Shenanigans!

 Christina after the Filming the RHOV Aftershow

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