July 11, 2012

Mary Zilba married twice?

During the first part of the reunion show the number of times Mary has been married was brought up. Mary said that she was only married once (to the father of her children) and Ronnie was shocked because she was told by Mary that she was married to a doctor in Ohio.

After another RHOV blogger posted a link to a newspaper article on google which says that she did in fact get married to another man I was a little surprised, and I think her fans were too. 

So instead of going nuts thinking about why she lied, I went straight to the source!
I contacted Mary and asked her about her marriage to this man, and if she had an annulment.

Just so you know, an annulment is a legal procedure for declaring a marriage null or void. Unlike divorce, it is usually considered to be invalid from the beginning almost as if it had never taken place. So that gives her the right to say that she has only been married once.

So Mary kindly replied to my message and told me that it is absolutely true! She didn't go into detail on why it was annulled, and I simply didn't ask because it's nobody's business but hers.
She did however tell me that her children didn't know about the marriage and Ronnie only brought it up at the reunion to hurt her. 
She has since told her children because she didn't want them to find out by watching it on national television. 

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